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    Five Day Intensive Drawing Class

    This intensive class is designed for individuals with little or no prior drawing training and perhaps believe that learning to draw well is only possible for those lucky people with "inborn talent". However, it has been proven that the global skill of drawing any perceived object, person or place requires five basic component perceptual skills. These skills are the perception of edges, spaces, relationships, lights and shadows, and the whole or gestalt. Global or whole skills, such as reading, driving and drawing, in time become automatic with the integration of the component skills. Of course the initial learning process maybe a struggle; first in learning the new component skill and then with the smooth integration of all the components. Each skill is learned and merged with the others until you are simply drawing - just as you found yourself simply driving or reading. Students who complete this class are ready to learn the more Follow-On drawing skills taught in the Follow-On Drawing Class.
    students work:
    Bob or call (512) 618-8641
    Junie B

    Two Day Intensive Follow-On Drawing Classes
    This intensive two day class is designed for those who have completed the introductory Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class or already have some drawing skills. Utilizing approaches developed by Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler, students will gain a deeper understanding of basic perceptual skills. Instruction will focus on expressing volume and space in drawing; exploring crosshatching techniques; and working with still life and the human figure. Students will learn how to perceive edges, spaces, relationships, lights, and shadows in ways that will enlarge their understanding of drawing principles and enhance their drawing skills.
    Gary's Drawings

    Three Day Intensive Painting/Color Classes
    Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler have designed a practical three day basic course in painting/color as a next step and follow-up to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This course is suitable for novices in color as well as more experienced artists who may be using color without a clear understanding of how knowledge of color theory can help. Hands-on exercises will focus on how to use color theory to achieve harmonious colors and how to see, efficiently mix and paint specific desired hues. Brief lectures will focus on traditional color attributes such as hue, value, intensity, and on various visual perceptual and psychological aspects of color.
    former student Anne Parker's Paintings

    Sketching Class
    Brian Bomeisler has introduced this new one day class for anyone interested in learning sketching techniques or keeping a sketch book. He will take you through a practical hands on day of sketching and expand on the formal drawing instruction you have already received. The class will take place either at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in Central Park or in downtown Manhattan, and will be an intensive and fun day of drawing. Sketching is an art unto itself requiring skills which can be taught; such as how to hold the sketchbook, how to use the "basic unit" and how to perform "sighting" while sketching. The variety of mediums include pencil, pen and ink and a specific technique using an ordinary felt tip marker.
    Junie B's Sketches

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